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Name Author Description
[source][linux][win32]AdminbeamJussi KivilinnaSpectators see where players are aiming
[source][linux][win32]AdminModAlfred ReynoldsServer control and scripting
[.....][.....][win32]AdminOpDrunken F00lA TFC mod that adds features such as skins, credits, new weapons, ent moving, and more.
[.....][linux][win32]AMXOloAllows writing HL modes using "Small" scripting language
[source][linux][win32]AMX Mod XAMXX Dev TeamHL Administration and Scripting
[source][linux][win32]antiaimHrvoje ZebaA plugin for detecting client side aim bot usage.
[.....][linux][win32]AntiFakeHenning RohlfsTo make people use certain nicks
[source][linux][win32]ArmoryHealVoogruMakes the armory heal marines
Redguy, now maintained by myg0atEnables CS1.3-style jumping, tracers, gas grenades, etc
[source][linux][win32]Black CD-Mediator[C2]Taz-Devil & PDL HagenCheating-Mediator and automatic Blacklist downloader.
Redguy, now maintained by myg0atEnables multiple weapons, start money, admin functions, etc
Jussi KivilinnaRe-enables bunnyjumping
[source][linux][win32]ChatVariablesVoogruAdds some chat variables for faster communication (for Natural Selection)
[.....][linux][win32]Cheating-DeathUnited AdminsClient/Server anti-cheat prevents cheats from working
[.....][linux][win32]Cheating-Death NotifyJames CouzensNotify/annoy players to install Cheating Death
[source][linux][win32]ChickenModdjeylAllow to turn players into chickens
[source][linux][win32]ClanModOlo, United AdminsHelps administrating server with minimal usage of console commands
[.....][.....][win32]ConcModAusIVAllows players to 'conc' themselves for practice
[source][linux][win32]CPU StatJames CouzensDisplays load svg, cpu, #entities, fps to clients
[.....][linux][win32]CSBLdMatthew TylerBans cheaters based on realtime query against central blacklist
[.....][.....][.....]CStrike Whois DaemonBalint BillerCollects and queries data about CS players
[.....][.....][win32]DropgunAusIVAllows TFC players to throw their weapons
[.....][linux][win32]EntModDrunken F00lReal-time entity control
[.....][.....][win32]EntMod-AusAusIVAllows for entity moving in TFC
[source][linux][win32]EyeJussi KivilinnaShows view of other player to admin
[source][.....][win32]FactoryLimitPhilip SearleLimits the number of turrets a turret factory can support (Natural selection)
[source][linux][win32]FakeFullOloCreates fake spectators to make server appear full
[.....][.....][win32]FireworksVoogruAdds fireworks to any mod
[.....][linux][win32]FoxbotRedfoxAn advanced bot for TFC
[source][linux][win32]GoodiesShaun MecklerProvides command socket for HLCA
[source][linux][win32]HeadShotOloAllows to specify acceptable hits
LightfootDesigned to provide extra graphical effects to the scripting community
[.....][linux][win32]HLGuardOlo, United AdminsServer-side anti-cheat to detect and block HL cheats
[.....][.....][.....] teamrecords playerinfo in network database for later searching
[.....][linux][win32]HonksBotHenning RohlfsStatsBot for IRC
[.....][linux][win32]HookModDrunken F00lAdd a hook feature to any HL mod
[.....][.....][win32]HostageCodeManEmbeds AI into those dull hostages in CS
[.....][linux][win32]HostiTron{PAF}c0ldfyr3Automated Hostage Model Switcher for Counter-Strike
[.....][.....][win32]JGHG TraceJohnny got his gunTrace plugin that outputs all values sent through the messages (unlike default trace plugin)
[source][linux][win32]JoeBotJohannes "@$3.1415rin" LampelThis Bot is based on botman's HPB_bot
[source][linux][win32]LasersightJussi KivilinnaAdds weapon laser sights in multiplayer game
[source][linux][win32]LerkLift[WHO]ThemLerks can lift up gorges and carry them around (for Natural Selection)
[source][linux][win32]LogDKndroc, Wraith, Bud-froggyParses and responds to game log messages
[.....][linux][win32]LogModTimo StripfAllows redirecting server log to various places
[source][linux][win32]ManualSiegeVoogruAllows Marines to use siege cannons (for Natural Selection)
[source][linux][win32]MarineBleedJussi KivilinnaAdds good old red blood to marines in Natural Selection
[.....][linux][win32]MatchModdjeylTakes the pain out of administring clan wars
Dave KircherSimple plugin framework for creating new MM plugins
[source][linux][win32]modNSmodNS.orgForum with a lot Metamod plugins, most for Natural-Selection
[source][linux][win32]MonsterBotmanAllows spawning monsters from the HL single player game into other MODs
[source][.....][win32]n0kiMODMatthew Endsley, Michael BoeckelmannIn-game WonID lookups of players and teams
[.....][linux][win32]NeoTFNeoTF teamAdds several new features to TFC, including chat-spying, tesla coils, airstrikes and more
[source][linux][win32]NinjaRope-Rocket-z3r0c0nd3xX-The NinjaRope Its like to be Tarzan :P, The Rocket its a "Rocket" Menu U Can Fire Rockets With
[.....][linux][win32]No ScoreProfessor StrugelpaterEliminates personal frags
[.....][linux][win32]NoLeetHenning RohlfsTo avoid "leet" language on server
[source][linux][win32]NoSeeVarBuzzKillAllows admins to remove cvars from the public server query list
[.....][linux][win32]PCA-WWCLChristoph 'weidhas' Lurz-
[source][linux][win32]PhaseEQ[WHO]ThemAllows phased medpacks and ammo to be delivered automatically (for Natural Selection)
[source][linux][win32]PhaseSelectVoogruMarines choose where the phase gate takes them
[.....][linux][win32]PHPAdminDavid "Twitch" vonThenenWebpage server admin, banlists in a central db, rcon ircbot
[source][linux][win32]phpua_mmBrian A. StummProvides extended player/server query methods used to enhance the phpUA Web Based Server Query Tool
[source][linux][win32]PlayernameJussi KivilinnaShows name of targeted player with color and team detection
[.....][linux][win32]PLBotOloBot for Counter-Strike 1.4, with GUI.
Count FloydBot for Counter-Strike Mod
[source][linux][win32]Private Messsage
FireStormAllows players to send private messages to other players
[.....][linux][win32]PrivatePlayersdjeylAccess control with WONIDs in a textfile or MySQL database
[.....][linux][win32]RadioModDrunken F00lAdd a customizable radio to any HL mod
[.....][linux][win32]Ratmod=]-RM-[=Ratman2000An Counter-Strike Server Administration + Fun Modification
[.....][linux][win32]rConTrolOlaf ReuschMulti rcon control with User management and Log forwarding
[.....][linux][win32]Respawn Tripmine RemoverJussi KivilinnaStops spawnpoint tripmining
[source][linux][win32]ShieldfixMatthew EndsleyThis plugin will eliminate the shield exploits in Counter-Strike 1.6
[source][linux][win32]SinglePlayerPierre-Marie Baty, Will DayProvides singleplayer support for Metamod
[.....][.....][win32]SkinModAusIVAllows TFC players to change their appearance
[.....][linux][win32]SoundcheckJens KaufmannPerforms CRC checks of client sound files
[.....][linux][win32]Sparky Utilities v2Steve RabouinFixes bugs in the TFC engine and adds some extra features like flag timers
[source][linux][win32]Spawn & Chat ProtectionJussi KivilinnaNo-damage mode for spawning/chatting players.
[source][linux][win32]spawnhealthJussi KivilinnaChanges default spawn health to something else
[source][linux][win32]StatsMeOlo, United AdminsLeaves statistics from all weapons
[source][linux][win32]Stripper2BotmanAllows temporary removal of weapons, ammo, and other entities from maps
[.....][.....][win32]ThE FLiP SiDeAusIVAdds new specials and weapons to TFC
[source][linux][win32]The Specialists++
Jorge Rodriguez, Dylan HorkinAdds server admin options, new forms of gamelay, and fixes some serverside bugs, for The Specialists mod
[.....][linux][win32]TourneyPeter NYILAS aka. CriminalWar arranging plugin (often called "ready-script")
[source][.....][win32]UniversalRavenous Bugblatter BeastAllows metamod to work with game mods for which it is missing entities
[source][linux][win32]Unstuck ProJussi KivilinnaAllow players to unstick themselves in Natural Selection
[source][linux][win32]Weapon RecoilJussi KivilinnaAdds kick to weapons (like secondary attack in gauss)
[source][linux][win32]WeapTFCKevin MastersonWeapon restrictions for TFC
[source][linux][win32]WebModdjeylMulti-threaded web server embedded into a Metamod plugin
[source][linux][win32]WhichBotMike Cooperan AI for Natural Selection
[source][.....][win32]WinHL-BoosterJussi KivilinnaLower pings, higher fps
[.....][.....][win32]WormsBotBaYobotBot for WormsHL

Plugins missing in action

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Name Author Description
[source][linux][win32]Ammo Healing PackiG`Domin@torAllow you to get medpack and ammos on the respawn room for Team Fortress
[source][linux][.....]AWP SlayerSuper BobSlays anyone who buys or picks up an awp; calls AM script for tsay & sounds so is customizable
[source][linux][win32]EsFModXiZiFun Dragon Ball Z
[.....][linux][.....]FlagfixMirvin_MonkeyTFC: Fixes white hud messages (eg. "Enemy has stolen your flag") on linux servers
[.....][.....][.....]HackHunter-anti-cheat for CS (windows only)
[.....][.....][.....]Matrix Jump Mod Extreme
SinnLabsPlayers making crazy Matrix-style jumps
[source][linux][win32]RCBotCheesehRcbot, a bot for several half-life mods including SvenCoop, Natural selection and Battlegrounds
[.....][linux][win32]RControl ModWei GaoBy this mod, you can control your HLTV server from inside of game.
[.....][.....][win32]SMX-Player for CStrikeJens EckervogtCstrike 1.5